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Phoenix + Cassidy: Love in the Rain
We captured the engagement photos of Phoenix and Cassidy at Meegan, on a day that was quintessentially Victoria – rainy, hazy, and absolutely magical. The overcast sky gave the park an ethereal quality, making the greens pop vibrantly against the mist. 
Celebrating Trans Joy: A Magical Post-Top Surgery Photoshoot
The keywords that guided this shoot were: ethereal, god-like, stillness, and powerful. Olive’s vision was clear and captivating, and it was an absolute pleasure to help bring it to life. The old fortress ruins and foggy afternoon added a mystical element to the photos. 
Caitlin: Embracing the Foggy Mystique
Caitlin strolls through the mist, a vision of ethereal beauty amidst the fog-laden trails. Her hair, a vibrant hue of blueish green, adds a touch of whimsy to the serene landscape. Caitlin's authentic self shone through.
Niko and Bennett: Silly and Cute enGAYgement Shenanigans
Niko and Bennett, two vibrant souls deeply in love, embarked on a delightful adventure to capture their enGAYgement in all its silly and cute glory. For this shoot, we aimed to highlight the sweet balance of edgy and soft that defines Niko and Bennett's relationship. 
Mariel: Capturing Chaos at the Sad Girl Birthday Party
Our shoot was themed around a "sad girl birthday," where Mariel unabashedly embraced rebellion and whimsy amidst a backdrop of spilled cereal, balloons, and party supplies. 
Isla Van Damme: A Touch of Purple in the Heart of Chinatown
Isla Van Damme brought their vibrant energy to Studio 549 in Chinatown, and the result was pure magic. As a queer and trans photographer, I love collaborating with fellow creatives like Isla, who exude passion and authenticity in every frame.
Georgia: Creative Headshots with a Legally Blonde Twist
Inspired by the iconic Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, we infused fun, flair, and a bit of cinematic magic into Georgia's professional headshots. Georgia is a local artist and runs artist resource Jiggle n Juice.
Nic: Radiating Trans Joy at Sunrise
In a recent portrait session, I had the pleasure of photographing Nic, capturing the beauty of who they are in this moment. With the sun rising over the tranquil waters, we set out to celebrate Nic's journey and capture moments of trans joy and authenticity.
Capturing Love: A Surprise Engagement Shoot by the Ocean
As I sat in the grass, pretending to read but really just anxiously flipping through pages, my heart pounded with anticipation. Then, in a moment that seemed to freeze time, I witnessed a beautiful proposal by the ocean.
SHAG: A Vibrant Night to Remember
SHAG. The name itself evokes a sense of excitement, of energy waiting to burst forth. And burst forth it did, in a whirlwind of vibrant colors, pulsating beats, and boundless creativity.
April-May Schedule: Important Dates
So many things going on, so I decided to post a lil schedule to help everyone keep track of important dates! ✨April 20 Studio Open House from 2-8pm✨ Come visit me at my studio! Enter at 780 Blanshard St, come...
Jules & Gordon: Best Friends and Roommates
Jules approached me about gifting a photoshoot for his roommate/best friend Gordon and I was so stoked! It was such an honour to capture these two along with doggo Wilbur on a beautiful morning. A photo session such a fun way to celebrate and build memories together
Lina: Magical Forest Frolick
Take me to your favourite place. Tell me about the memories that it carries. Tell me how it shaped you. Tell me how it is a part of you. Let's visit it together and capture your relationship to it.⁠ Thank you Lina for your friendship and for taking these beautiful photos with me. The sun shines for you.
Josiah: Softness and Light
I love movement shots!! During our session I try to make a little bit of time for free flowing movement, no pressure, no posing. A lot of the photos end up being a little silly and a lot of fun. It's such a great exercise in loosening up and getting comfy. ⁠I love the ones of Josiah dancing by the water.
"Nothing Serious" at Habit Coffee Nov-Dec 2023
I ended my first year of being an artist on a strong note with a 6 week show at Habit Coffee on Pandora Street, downtown "Victoria". This opportunity allowed for my work to be visible to hundreds of people getting...
Des visages Art Show at the Victoria Tool Library
Des visages means “Faces” in French and is Bertie’s first collection of paintings. This style is heavily influenced by a painting in Bertie’s life growing up: a face made up of bold reds, greens, and yellows. This piece followed Bertie’s family...
Greenhouse Artist Residency at Sweetpea Gallery - September 2023
My last two collections have involved dreamy and highly personal portraiture, so this time I’ve decided to do things differently✨Sometimes creativity is stifled when we are focused on the outcome. So for this residency, I have kept repeating to myself:...
REPOS at the Vault Gallery - July 2023
REPOS, my art show hosted at the Vault Gallery (@thevault_gallery) for three weeks in July 2023⁠ ⁠ Showcasing 24 film photographs shot on two cameras and developed at home. All photos were printed on photo paper diverted from the landfill...
Matilde: Trust the Process
I had this lovely shoot with Matilde at Phyllis Park, on a cloudy January morning. Since it was supposed to rain, I checked in with her over text about how she was feeling, and her response was "Trusting the process :)". Matilde brought that energy to the shoot and it was incredible!
REPOS at the Vault Gallery July 4-21
I have some big news! I have some new prints on the way, and they are going to make their big debut at my next art show: REPOS. This project is very near to my heart, and is finally coming to life🌈💫 REPOS (pronounced “Ruh-Poe”) is the French word for Rest.
Abigail: Visit to the Hills and Ocean
This is Abigail 🌸 She lives in Chicago and is currently out exploring the world. During her trip, she stopped by in Victoria for a visit and we were able to squeeze in a portrait session along Dallas road by the ocean. I'm in awe, these turned out so good!!

Release. Exhale.

Be perceived.

Those can all exist within a shoot so long as your photographer is consent driven and curiosity forward. Then you can feel safe to explore what it means to be perceived and the different ways that it can look and feel.

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