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Des visages Art Show at the Victoria Tool Library
Des visages means “Faces” in French and is Bertie’s first collection of paintings. This style is heavily influenced by a painting in Bertie’s life growing up: a face made up of bold reds, greens, and yellows. This piece followed Bertie’s family...
Greenhouse Artist Residency at Sweetpea Gallery - September 2023
My last two collections have involved dreamy and highly personal portraiture, so this time I’ve decided to do things differently✨Sometimes creativity is stifled when we are focused on the outcome. So for this residency, I have kept repeating to myself:...
REPOS at the Vault Gallery - July 2023
REPOS, my art show hosted at the Vault Gallery (@thevault_gallery) for three weeks in July 2023⁠ ⁠ Showcasing 24 film photographs shot on two cameras and developed at home. All photos were printed on photo paper diverted from the landfill...
REPOS at the Vault Gallery July 4-21
I have some big news! I have some new prints on the way, and they are going to make their big debut at my next art show: REPOS. This project is very near to my heart, and is finally coming to life🌈💫 REPOS (pronounced “Ruh-Poe”) is the French word for Rest.
From Stress to Power
We spend so much energy fussing over what others think, especially when anxiety takes over. At the start of the shoot Lau opened up about some stressors currently in her mind and decided to replace that anxiety with feelings of rejuvenation. I'm just glad I was there to capture it.
On November 28 evening, I hosted my first ever art show. It showcased my collection of work, VICISSITUDES, which is made up of five photographs and five digital art illustrations that represent different steps that we go through in times of change. This collection is heavily inspired by my gender transition, and here's how it went.
Sarah: Sexy Gremlin's First Shoot
After we got the perfect shot in the crevice, naturally we had to explore the rest of the place and do a portrait session. To my surprise, this was Sarah's first experience doing a professional shoot. I asked her what words best describe her these days, and her answer made me so happy: Sexy Gremlin. 
I Quit my Shopify Job and Launched a Print Shop
I had the pleasure of interacting with so many unique talented individuals with big dreams. They were doing the thing, leaving their jobs to follow that excitement. When I talked with them about their businesses, I could hear the excitement seeping through their words, even when those words were in an email. I wanted that.
Sam: Reclaiming the Tomboy
I had the pleasure of shooting with Sam Quinn, a non-binary model and actor, one early morning in September. We got up at sunrise, with our coffees in hand and drove to the ocean at a spot off of Dallas Road in Victoria. The sunlight was warm and the shadows were stretched out. I asked Sam: What's your vibe these days?

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