Greenhouse Artist Residency at Sweetpea Gallery - September 2023

My last two collections have involved dreamy and highly personal portraiture, so this time I’ve decided to do things differently✨

Sometimes creativity is stifled when we are focused on the outcome. So for this residency, I have kept repeating to myself: “nothing serious, nothing serious, nothing serious”. I am focusing on playing. I am focusing on the process. It’s been quite the mental exercise to let go of outcome. I took it really literally and ended up spending the month playing with toys! 🤪

For the month of September 2023 I have was spending my time in Sweetpea Gallery's Greenhouse as the artist in residence. My project in the Greenhouse has now come to an end, and I couldn’t be happier with the results 🦕🦖

This project started with a vague idea: photographing objects and having fun/bringing playfulness to my practice😁

I wanted to take a side quest from my usual work (if you know my work you know I thrive with my creative portraiture). It’s easier to make people look interesting in photos because they are dynamic! 📸 We can incorporate movement, expressions and emotions. Photographing inanimate objects and still making them feel dynamic and emotional was the challenge I needed to step outside of comfort.

I chose toys because this whole project was meant to be playful. It was meant to remind me not to take myself too seriously. I decided to spray paint them and play with coloured lighting to encourage the emotional component of the photographs. I chose to do multiple exposures to bring in movement and and make these inanimate objects dynamic.

Pictured are 5 out of 6 prints (which I printed at home on reuse paper to check on quality before I order samples from a printing house). I’ll be posting more about these prints on my Instagram account @hi.bertie in the coming month, so please feel free to come follow along! ✨👀 I also have some reels on there summarizing my time at the residency that are worth checking out.

Huge thank you to and @greenhouse.residency for sharing your space with me and thank you to all of you for taking some time to learn more about my project! My heart feels full 💙


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