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Jules & Gordon: Best Friends and Roommates
Jules approached me about gifting a photoshoot for his roommate/best friend Gordon and I was so stoked! It was such an honour to capture these two along with doggo Wilbur on a beautiful morning. A photo session such a fun way to celebrate and build memories together
Lina: Magical Forest Frolick
Take me to your favourite place. Tell me about the memories that it carries. Tell me how it shaped you. Tell me how it is a part of you. Let's visit it together and capture your relationship to it.⁠ Thank you Lina for your friendship and for taking these beautiful photos with me. The sun shines for you.
Josiah: Softness and Light
I love movement shots!! During our session I try to make a little bit of time for free flowing movement, no pressure, no posing. A lot of the photos end up being a little silly and a lot of fun. It's such a great exercise in loosening up and getting comfy. ⁠I love the ones of Josiah dancing by the water.
Matilde: Trust the Process
I had this lovely shoot with Matilde at Phyllis Park, on a cloudy January morning. Since it was supposed to rain, I checked in with her over text about how she was feeling, and her response was "Trusting the process :)". Matilde brought that energy to the shoot and it was incredible!
Abigail: Visit to the Hills and Ocean
This is Abigail 🌸 She lives in Chicago and is currently out exploring the world. During her trip, she stopped by in Victoria for a visit and we were able to squeeze in a portrait session along Dallas road by the ocean. I'm in awe, these turned out so good!!
Lau: From Stress to Power
We spend so much energy fussing over what others think, especially when anxiety takes over. At the start of the shoot Lau opened up about some stressors currently in her mind and decided to replace that anxiety with feelings of rejuvenation. I'm just glad I was there to capture it.
Islay & Ciáran: Two Beautiful Clowns
Islay & Ciáran make up the improve duo: Cowboy. These two are making waves in the local art scene and it was an honour to photograph them for their show Hair Funeral. The concept for this shoot was two silly old cowboy-clowns in a liminal space, contemplating life and its significant moments.
Sarah: Sexy Gremlin's First Shoot
After we got the perfect shot in the crevice, naturally we had to explore the rest of the place and do a portrait session. To my surprise, this was Sarah's first experience doing a professional shoot. I asked her what words best describe her these days, and her answer made me so happy: Sexy Gremlin. 
Sam: Reclaiming the Tomboy
I had the pleasure of shooting with Sam Quinn, a non-binary model and actor, one early morning in September. We got up at sunrise, with our coffees in hand and drove to the ocean at a spot off of Dallas Road in Victoria. The sunlight was warm and the shadows were stretched out. I asked Sam: What's your vibe these days?

Release. Exhale.

Be perceived.

Those can all exist within a shoot so long as your photographer is consent driven and curiosity forward. Then you can feel safe to explore what it means to be perceived and the different ways that it can look and feel.

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