About Bertie

Hi! I’m Bertie, a non-binary multimedia artist and photographer based on Vancouver Island. My creative journey is fueled by thinking too much, feeling loudly and strongly, and being addicted to vulnerability. I believe these elements bring depth and authenticity to my work, and I hope my art and photography make you feel and think deeply too.

In late 2022, I took a leap of faith and left my management job in tech to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time artist and photographer. For years prior, I dreamed of a life where creativity led the way. But I played it safe, keeping my dreams a secret. When I finally started sharing my vision with friends and family, the anxiety melted away, and the excitement grew. Now, I'm fully embracing my creative journey, and it feels more real and fulfilling than ever.

It was one of the scariest thing I've done, but also the most rewarding. Now, I have my own art and photography studio, and I spend my days creating for myself and others.


I’m passionate about capturing the unique essence of each individual. I offer personalized and artistic portrait sessions that are all about you.

I believe the best photos come from a place of comfort and authenticity. That’s why I create a relaxed and creative environment where you can be yourself. Whether you’re looking for effortless, natural poses or something a bit more unconventional and playful, I’m here to bring your vision to life.

With over 11 years of photography experience, I approach each session as a chance to create something meaningful and memorable. During our consultation, we’ll discuss your ideas and preferences to ensure the final photos truly reflect who you are.

Based on Lekwungen territory (Victoria, BC), I am really lucky to celebrate the diversity and beauty of our LGBTQ+ community (and allies!) through my work. Book a session today and let’s create stunning portraits that celebrate your individuality and tell your unique story.

In addition to portrait photography, I also work with brands to create impactful visual content. With a background in business, marketing, psychology, and e-commerce, I understand how to craft photographs that help propel brands forward. I’m passionate about partnering with value-aligned brands to produce images that resonate with their audience and elevate their presence.

My Artistic Journey

My art delves into the dynamics of identity, emotion, and playfulness, capturing the essence of my trans and queer experiences. From my "Nothing Serious" series featuring playful multiple exposures to introspective pieces in "Vicissitudes" and "Des Visages," my work challenges traditional boundaries and rules. Exhibitions at the Vault Gallery, Habit Coffee, the Victoria Tool Library, Studio Lojo, Studio 549, and my time in Sweetpea Gallery’s Greenhouse residency have showcased my evolving artistic journey.

Photography and Art Synergy

My portrait photography and art practice are deeply intertwined, each inspiring and informing the other. The creativity and freedom I explore in my art bring a unique perspective to my photography, allowing me to create portraits that are not just pictures but stories and emotions captured in time. Similarly, the personal connections and stories I encounter through photography enrich my artistic expression, adding layers of depth and meaning to my visual art.

Next Steps

In January 2024, I signed a lease for my first studio and dove into my photography and art full time. I’m currently gathering knowledge, experiences, and ideas to create a new collection of works that are thoughtful, intentional, and different from anything I've done before. I also plan to increase my presence at markets and events, fostering community connections and selling my prints in value-aligned stores. Long term, I'm working towards curating a sensational art show that breaks boundaries and barriers in the local art scene. Stay tuned!

Explore My Art Collections

  • Vicissitudes: A collection of surrealist photographs and symbolic digital illustrations inspired by personal transformation and change.
  • Repos: Film photographs depicting queer and trans rest in nature, emphasizing sustainability and secondhand materials.
  • Nothing Serious: Playful toy sculptures and photographs created during a residency focused on intuition and play.

Join me in celebrating self-expression through both my art and photography. Whether you're looking for a meaningful portrait session or a unique piece of art, I’m here to share my creative journey with you. Let’s make something beautiful together!