Direction 3" Sticker
Direction 3" Sticker
Direction 3" Sticker

Direction 3" Sticker

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A part of Bertie’s VICISSITUDES collection.

“Once we identify something new within ourselves, we can chose to explore it. This illustration acknowledges our search for answers within ourselves but also what we can absorb from external sources. Often, searching involves a combination of both internal and external work. This can look like finding new community; gathering information through books, forums, and conversations; and relating this information back to our experiences to gain new understanding.”

This illustration is paired with the “Searching” photograph. Together they make up the second step of change: the work involved in finding answers and discovering a new part of ourselves.

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About this Collection

Sometimes creativity is stifled when we are focused on the outcome. So for this residency, I have kept repeating to myself: “nothing serious, nothing serious, nothing serious”. I am focusing on playing. I am focusing on the process. It’s been quite the mental exercise to let go of outcome. I took it really literally and ended up spending the month playing with toys! 🤪

For the month of September 2023 I was spending my time in Sweetpea Gallery's Greenhouse as the artist in residence. My project in the Greenhouse has now come to an end, and I couldn’t be happier with the results 🦕🦖

This project started with a vague idea: photographing objects and having fun/bringing playfulness to my practice😁

I wanted to take a side quest from my usual work (if you know my work you know I thrive with my creative portraiture). It’s easier to make people look interesting in photos because they are dynamic! 📸 We can incorporate movement, expressions and emotions. Photographing inanimate objects and still making them feel dynamic and emotional was the challenge I needed to step outside of comfort.

I chose toys because this whole project was meant to be playful. It was meant to remind me not to take myself too seriously. I decided to spray paint them and play with coloured lighting to encourage the emotional component of the photographs. I chose to do multiple exposures to bring in movement and and make these inanimate objects dynamic.

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