Bertie values sustainability and is always striving to create art that has a neutral or positive impact on our planet and community. Here are some of the ways that Bertie is currently applying sustainable practices to this small business and to their art:

  • Art and photographs printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Thrifting and diverting from the landfill both for props in the photographs and for many of the elements that are used in the art show, markets, and storefront displays
  • Offering local pick-up downtown Victoria BC and partnering with a local bike messenger company to deliver within Victoria by bicycle
  • Volunteering at Supply Victoria to help divert art materials from the landfills and get them into the hands of folks who need it, such as students, artists and teachers
  • Ordering prints in small batches based on demand to minimize waste

If you have any other suggestions, requests or ideas that can help Bertie continue to improve their sustainability mission, please get in touch on social media or by emailing Bertie wants this to be an ongoing conversation and welcomes feedback and ideas.