This is where dreams meet reality - in front of my lens. Join me for a concept shoot, with a custom set, in my "Victoria" studio. Explore what it means to be perceived and to create with your body in a safe, consent-forward environment. Share this experience with someone or come solo. Let’s create some magic ✨🌞🌜


Have you ever had those dreams that are beautiful and yet things don't make complete sense? For this concept shoot, I'm building a studio set that feels like a dream. I want to take your pictures in it! If you've ever wanted to be photographed inside my art, this is your chance.

A concept shoot

For the dreamers

If you're always in your own head, if you dream a lot, if you're drawn to the weird and the odd, this shoot is for you. It's the full experience. The concept has been dreamt up and is about to wake up. All you have to do is book before spaces fill up.

What to Expect

The Set

The studio set is still being designed and final details along with sneak peaks will be posted to this page and to my Instagram. Some base elements that I plan to include are grass, clouds, and white walls. The final look is scheduled to be released by April 15 after I build the set and do a promo shoot with a local drag artist <3

The Offering

30 minutes in studio

Dreamcore set

Digital Photo Gallery

10 photos edited in Bertie's style

+1 polaroid photo

Dreamcore Concept Shoot

Dreamcore Concept Shoot

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Regular price$230.00

Number of People

The main entrance is up a set of stairs, at 750 Fairfield rd.

There is an accessible, stairs-free entrance on the side of the building. Follow the sidewalk up on Fairfield rd toward Blanshard st. Turn left on the side of the building and the door will be next to the bike racks. You can ring the doorbell to be let in.

Inside the building I am on the main floor so there are no stairs to get to my studio. Bathrooms are up on the second floor and there is an elevator that can take you up.

My studio will be set up to easily accommodate a wheelchair. If you require any type of accommodations please reach out to me and let me know ahead of time.

I will be wearing a mask in my studio while photographing you and your bestie. No other guests will be allowed in the studio during your allocated slot. Outside of my studio, in the lobby, there will be an art exhibition hosted by Sweetpea Gallery where masks will not be enforced. Please reach out to me if this will be a barrier for you. I want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable for our session!

Important Information

Dreamcore is a surrealist aesthetic that uses motifs commonly associated with dreams, portrayed through media such as images, videos and, on occasion, music. Dreamcore shares many similarities with Weirdcore. These images express feelings of familiarity, anemoia, nostalgia and confusion.

Saturday May 4 @1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm

Sunday May 5 @10:00am, 11:00am

Private studio at 750 Fairfield rd, "Victoria"

There are limited spots available, so make sure to reserve yours as soon as possible by clicking "Book a session".

Click "Book Now" above to reserve your spot. Full payment is due when booking. 

No refunds available. Please find someone to take your spot if you can't make it.

Each 30 minute session is $230 for one person, and $270 for two people.

The price is lower than my 30 minute Lite Sessions because I'm able to book multiple shoots in the same set. This is a great way to dip your toes and try out a shoot with me. It's also an investment in a unique experience for yourself.

Come get weird and express yourself creatively in one of the most unique photography studio sets available for mini sessions! Contribute to this concept shoot by bringing your own unique style and personality, and your own interpretations of "dreamcore".

Enjoy a 30 minute photo session on a set specially created for the occasion. You'll receive a gallery of photos edited in Bertie's style in a private gallery within 4 weeks of the shoot! You'll choose your 10 favourite photos to download and will have the option to buy more if you want them! This is great because you are in control of which photos you get. You'll also get one Polaroid photo during the shoot so that you have something to take home with you right away!

Choose to book this solo if you want an opportunity to connect with yourself, explore your sense of identity, be perceived in a non-judgemental consent-forward space, and take a step outside your comfort zone.

Choose to book this with someone if you are looking for a unique date or activity, if you have something to celebrate together, or just for fun! Think of someone that is important to you - can you remember the last time you got photos together? Bring them!

Due to the design of this particular set, it can accommodate a maximum of two people.

Make sure to arrive to 750 Fairfield Street 10 to 15 minutes early for your scheduled session. Make sure to give yourself sufficient time to find parking. There will be sessions back-to-back. It will not be possible to reschedule or extend your session past the allocated time. Your outfit and makeup should be ready to go when our session time starts. The building has a bathroom you can use to touch-up your look ahead of time. Let me know before the day of your shoot if you need to arrive more than 15 minutes early to get ready so that I can make sure to have someone meet you at the door.

**Arrive early and make sure to come to the 750 Fairfield entrance. Please do not go to the 780 Blanshard entrance as the door will be locked.

What does dreamcore mean to you? Take some time to think about it, go thrifting with dreamcore on your mind, browse your closet and look at your clothes with this particular lens.

Here are some keywords that could inspire you:

  • Costume
  • Sparkle
  • Dreamy + Flow + Sheer
  • Bright + Vivid
  • Pastel
  • Rainbows + Sparkles
  • Flowers
  • Fairies
  • Weird + Odd

The studio set is still being designed and final details will be posted to this page along with sneak peaks. Some core elements that I plan to include are grass, clouds, and white walls. You can use this to help decide what you want to wear.

The most important is that you feel good in what you wear <3

Progress Pics