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From Stress to Power
We spend so much energy fussing over what others think, especially when anxiety takes over. At the start of the shoot Lau opened up about some stressors currently in her mind and decided to replace that anxiety with feelings of rejuvenation. I'm just glad I was there to capture it.
Sarah: Sexy Gremlin's First Shoot
After we got the perfect shot in the crevice, naturally we had to explore the rest of the place and do a portrait session. To my surprise, this was Sarah's first experience doing a professional shoot. I asked her what words best describe her these days, and her answer made me so happy: Sexy Gremlin. 
Sam: Reclaiming the Tomboy
I had the pleasure of shooting with Sam Quinn, a non-binary model and actor, one early morning in September. We got up at sunrise, with our coffees in hand and drove to the ocean at a spot off of Dallas Road in Victoria. The sunlight was warm and the shadows were stretched out. I asked Sam: What's your vibe these days?

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